Ministry of Urban Revival

The Ministry of Urban Revival is a collection of people and ideas focused on the creation of a more human compatible living enviroment.

The Ministry of Urban Revival allocated Forward Momentum Sub-Groups.


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Forward Momentum Projects:


League of Urban Hikers presents:

Tree Climbing in the

Abandoned Golf Course


League of Urban Farmers and Sustainable Lansing presents:

Rooster Square


League of Urban Hikers presents:

Is Music and Dancing Embedded in the Monkey Brain?



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Ministry of Urban Revival is not a commercial organization. Our sponsors below have helped provide a level of contribution that merits a link.


Broadband and Phone Service

If you are looking for great phone service, broadband service, and bundled service check out They are also starting to build fiber services to buildings too. They have good deals on Internet and Phone.  During business hours you can contact Cammile Rivers at 517-999-3201 and she will hook you up!

Houses in the Lansing Area

We rehabilitate housing in the Lansing Area, and rent them or sell them. Our website is Come visit us if you are interested in housing.


Internet Speed Testing Web Sites

Here are Internet Speed testing websites.